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AMVETS is open to all honorably discharged veterans, whether you served during war or in peacetime.​

AMVETS MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance and safeguard the entitlements for all American Veterans who have served honorably and to improve the quality of life for them, their families, and the communities where the live, through leadership, advocacy and services.

 AMVETS regular monthly meetings are held the
  2nd Tuesday of each month, 1800 hrs (6 pm) at the post. (700 2nd ST SW, CR)

  Ladies Auxiliary monthly meetings are on the 
  2nd Wednesday of each month, 6 pm at the post.

  Sons Squadron monthly meeting are on the 
  2nd Monday of each month, 6 pm at the post.

  AMVET Riders monthly meetings are on the 1st  & 3rd Thursday of the month, 7 pm at the post.

Are you a Vet? 
Do you have a  motorcycle?
You too can be an AMVETS Rider.
Riders must be a member in good standing of the AMVETS, AMVETS Auxiliary or Sons of AMVETS Prior to applying to be a Rider.
AMVETS meet 2nd Tuesday of each month, 1800hrs (6pm) at the post. 
Ladies Auxiliary meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 6pm at the post.
Sons Squadron meet on the   2nd Monday of each month, 6 pm at the post.
AMVET Riders meet on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month, 7pm at the post.
Contact Us
AMVETS Rider's Chapter 6
Phone Number: 319-210-4126
Remember:   We fought for you!
AMVETS Post 6, Cedar Rapids, Iowa